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Promoting inclusive strategies for disadvantaged seniors


• To offer opportunities to re-skill or
up-skill their digital competences to become active citizens and socially included in the digital world.

• To design, implement, monitor and evaluate a TOOL KIT that will re-skill or up-skill seniors’ digital competences to guarantee their activeness, social presence, e- overnance, e-access, e-participation and personal development.

• To pilot-test the ‘SENIORS DIGITAL ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRES’ in partner countries, both online and in-house that will offer various opportunities for training.


Direct target group:
Adults 60+ (seniors) retired, unemployed, marginalised, in rural areas, with few opportunities, low-skilled etc. 

Indirect target group:
Adult educators and related organisations in the field of adult education such as NGOs, VET centres etc.


• 1st Meeting

• 2nd Meeting

• 3rd Meeting

• 4th Meeting

• C1 – Short staff training

• C2 – Blended mobility for seniors

• Final Conference in GR

• Conference in Bulgaria

• Conference in Cyprus

• Conference in Italy

• Conference in Sweden

Project Results

IO1 – Building the one stop support centres: From theory to Practice

For Intellectual Output 1, a primary and a secondary research were conducted to produce 5 national reports (from Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece) to identify the seniors’ profiles and needs in relation to the current scene in each country. A comparative report with the main findings to map the provision, gaps and challenges of adult learning for digital active ageing was the result of the national reports. 

IO2 – Seniors GoDIGITAL: The teaching and learning data bank

For Intellectual Output 2, a report which presents principles and guidelines for designing Guidebooks and e-learning materials in relation to the needs of seniors’ citizens was conducted, as well as the development of the curriculum. The curriculum consists of 5 modules which have been translated in each partner language and a guidebook which is provided for the e-Services in each partner country. The training course was written along with checklists for the course creator and the adult educator concerning the development and the delivery of the teaching material.

IO3 – Seniors GoDIGITAL One stop on-line support centre: The dynamic platform and the eco-system for the assessment and validation process

The Seniors Go Digital e-learning platform provides five (5) courses in five (5) different languages (25 courses in total). The courses consist of an optional Self-Assessment Quiz, e-Books and a mandatory Final Assessment Quiz. After studying the e-Books and successfully completing the Final-Assessment Quiz (above 60% grade), users can earn a Badge for each module that proves their abilities. It is necessary for a user to sign up, login and be enrolled in the courses in order to have access to the courses material and assessment quizzes.

IO4 – Seniors GoDIGITAL: Preparation kit for setting up the support centres and delivering the up-skilling program

For Intellectual Output 4, a TOOL KIT was developed, for developing, implementing and monitoring innovative strategies for offering and supporting the up-skilling programmes. These strategies have been based on the idea of setting up a ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRE for the target group where they can get as much information as possible, while following an up-skilling digital programme. The TOOLKIT includes templates, good practices, SWOT analysis for implementation, guidelines for creating synergies and approaching marginalized seniors which are hard to reach, developing policies, monitoring tools, implementation tips, and a road map for implementation, exploitation mechanisms, a strategic campaign, and a petition, as well as various strategies for sustainability.

IO5- The seniors‘ digital support one stop centres: Implementation and evaluation.

IO5 focus on the actual implementation, delivery, monitoring and evaluation of the training planned for senior citizens. The up-skilling programme/ SUPPORT CENTRES has been implemented in 4 partner countries (Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus) using the organisations’ offices, infrastructure, equipment and personnel, or at associate organisations which are equipped to offer ICT training.

SeniorsGoDigital Support Centres

The up-skilling programme/ SUPPORT CENTRES has been implemented in 4 partner countries                       (Sweden, Italy, Bulgaria and Cyprus)