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Bulgaria pilot-testing

Bulgaria pilot-testing

Free Training Course for ICT for senior citizens 💻📱🖱

Association Euni Partners organized ICT training. It was directed to seniors who had the opportunity to gain basic knowledge and skills in the field of new technologies and to approach the communications of the modern world.

During the training, 15 senior participants, with the help of volunteers and trainers, got acquainted with basics of Gmail, Social media (Facebook, Viber, Skype) proper storage of personal data in the online space; learnt what is “digital citizenship”, inappropriate behavior on the web and how to manage it and etc. The e-learning platform with all teaching materials (Molules: Safety, Digital Content Creation, Problem Solving, Information Data Literacy and E-service) was also presented and aroused a huge interest among participants. After completion of the training, all seniors received certificates which validates their knowledge and digital skills.

Trainers promoted the SENIORS GO DIGITAL SUPPORT CENTRE and invited all participants to join it and share it with their friends. Thus, once a week this center with the help of volunteers will support seniors and organize different workshops for digital literacy, which can help senior citizens to continue developing their digital skills and to feel socially included.

The free course took place between the dates 25th November and 20th December, in one of the computer halls of the American University in Blagoevgrad.

Before the beginning of the training course Association Euni Partners, with the support of the team of Grandma Knows Best organized an INFO DAY where the training was presented and all seniors were invited to join.