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Italy pilot-testing

Promoting inclusive strategies for disadvantaged seniors

Italy pilot-testing

ACLI Provinciale Rimini hosted a pilot test for Seniors Go Digital Web platform to gather feedback about Web site usability and teaching material quality, the pilot test took place from November 2019 to January 2020.

ACLI promoted the pilot test through its partner and directly to seniors already involved in other ACLI activities, after the promotional phase ACLI selected 15 seniors of various age, both male and female, with low-skilled in computer and information technology.
The pilot test has been hosted in a computer room and involved three teachers and a tutor, the students have been invited to use the platform both under teacher supervision and on their own, during the training session and on their own at home, calling the tutor when needed.

The teacher and the tutor showed to the test group how to register and login to the Seniors Go Digital Web platform, then they showed how to use some teaching module, and invited the students to work on their own asking for help or clarifications when needed.
After the end of the in-house training ACLI proposed a survey to the students to measure their satisfaction about various aspect of the Seniors Go Digital platform, the feedback given by the survey results has been studied to improve the product.