Collinigatan. 12 82180 Bollnäs, Sweden


The Acli of the Province of Rimini count about 4000 associates. Under a single symbol Acli brings together so many experiences. Acli’s services, specific associations and social enterprises succeed in leaving a mark of sport, talking about culture, working for the environment, helping to assert the rights of citizens, professional training, creating social and cultural businesses. The Acli promote the social protagonism of the family and also engage in issues of peace and international cooperation, the environment, the social enterprise of sport and leisure.
The elderly are another area in which the Acli of Rimini devoted much of their commitment, organizing social and cultural initiatives and providing services in various fields.
ACLI’s commitment is to promote and protect the rights of people over 65 and retirees:

• As citizens, active components of society.

• As protagonists of social and political life

• Carriers of social, ethical and spiritual values.

• As recipients of daily services, support and support.

  In recent years, ACLI of Rimini have organized:

– cultural encounters on topics of interest and on delicate aspects of the elderly condition with senior health physicians:

-“Do-It-Yourself” Courses, Knitwear, Sewing, Embroidery, Burraco Courses, First Aid

– Courses for Support Administrator

– Convivial Dating, Social Excursions.

– Cultural activities and social volunteering that promote, in the territory, the awareness of the rights of active citizenship and the maintenance of a protagonist role of the elderly in the life of society.

Contact person: Sabrina Zanetti