Collinigatan. 12 82180 Bollnäs, Sweden


Date: 11th & 12th of June 2019

Venue: Sandanski, Bulgaria

Short Description: The 3rd partner meeting organized on the 11th and 12th of June in Bulgaria. During the meeting, all final arrangements were made for the preparation of the ToolKit for developing, implementing and monitoring innovative strategies that will support the upskilling programme (Digital Active Aging Programme), which is the next step of the project. 

The up-skilling programme will be implemented in 4 partner countries (SE, IT, CY, BG) to offer ICT training. Each partner country will involve 15-20 senior citizens for the in-house training and 15-20 senior citizens to pilot-test the on-line training, as well as volunteers for guidance and support.

The second day of the meeting was spent on planning the next steps of the project’s development and on the dissemination of the products developed so far.