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Cyprus pilot-testing

Cyprus pilot-testing

In the case of Cyprus, Emphasys, organised their pilot testing from November 2019 until the end of February 2020 with a total of 18 participants and 4 trainers, on a weekly basis.

On the 25th of October, Emphasys Centre organised an INFO DAY event at the premises of Emphasys Centre. 16 potential participants had shown their interest by attending the event to learn more about the project and the upcoming training specifications.

The pilot testing took place from Friday the 1st of November and every Friday until the 21st of February 2020 with 18 participants and 4 trainers. The eLearning platform was proven as a useful tool to use and easy to be used by anyone. The impact of the project’s activities on the main target group was significant.

During the training, Emphasys Centre organised various workshops including:

  • An Ice-breaking activity 
  • The Computer Basics & Problem Solving
    • What Operating System is
    • How to connect to the Internet
  •  Information & Data Literacy
    • How to organize computer files in folders
  • The Communication and Collaboration module, and more specifically working on:
    • How to create an email account: create an email, send/receive, organize, etc.
    • How to create a social media account: Viber, Facebook
  • Safety
    • How to set up a strong password
    • How to back up a file
    • How to surf/shop safe online
  • eServices
    • How to pay utility bills online
  • Mobile phone usage
  • Visit to Omodos village

To sum up, training in Cyprus went very well. All participants showed a huge interest in participating in further training at Emphasys Centre and the feedback was positive from all participants. No particular issues were detected with regards to the training, platform or activities that were organized. Thus, the group that has been formed got on very well amongst them and are now registered at the ONE STOP SUPPORT CENTRE which offers weekly training sessions and anyone can come to the Emphasys premises and ask any kind of advice or receive more information.