Collinigatan. 12 82180 Bollnäs, Sweden


Date: 27th of Februrary 2020

Short Description: Association Euni Partners held a Multiplier event on 27th February 2020 and gathered 20 participants, including seniors, representatives of institutions and educational centres and other stakeholders.

The event was aimed at presenting the main project activities, results and courses, particularly the online platform, the courses ICT training implemented in-house, as well as the Open Badge system for validation of knowledge. The participants were invited to register themselves in the platform. During the review of the platform, there was a short presentation on how to register in the SGD platform and courses. There was also a focus on the variety of materials created within the project, like benchmark survey and researches, together with the One Stop Support Centre in Blagoevgrad and its services, as well as some activities planned for the next months. For dissemination of the project during the event, were also used the relevant materials, specially designed for SGD, as leaflets, presentations, brochures, etc.

After the event all the interested people had the opportunity to ask questions and to receive information on the aspects of the project of their choice.