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Date: 9th  February 2020

Venue: Cyprus Expo, Ilia Papakiriakou, Makedonitissa Area, 2415, Nicosia, Cyprus

Short Description: Emphasys organized the official Multiplier on the 9th of February 2020, as part of the Cyprus International Education and Career Exhibition which was organized by the Ministry of Education, Chamber of Commerce and the European Office of Cyprus. This is the most prestigious educational event in Cyprus with more than 7000 participants in the 3 days, that only distinguished organisations can participate such as Universities, Public Authorities, Erasmus+ National Agencies, and other.

Apart from the official part of the event, where Ms Orthodoxou, Project Coordinator presented the project’s aims, products and results, with a special focus on the e-Platform, the learning modules, the e-Services, as well the Open Badge Eco-System for validation purposes, Emphasys organized the ONE-STOP-SUPPORT-CENTRE in order to provide participants with the opportunity to experience the various services, training and workshops that were provided to seniors. Interested participants registered in the platform and were guided in the process of assessing their digital skills, exploring the various modules that they could attend and the certification method. The onsite workshops organised provided an excellent opportunity to potential participants, but mainly to Adult Organisations, Authorities and Educational Centres to re-implement the project thus ensuring the sustainability and further exploitation of the products. The event reached and promoted the project to 40 adults and seniors.

Several important stakeholders and official bodies, as well as professionals, young people, adult educators, adults etc. visited Emphasys’ booth and were informed about the project. Among them, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, the President of the European Office of Cyprus and Vice-Rector of the Nicosia University Dr Constantinos Phellas, the Vice-President of the Cyprus Computer Society Mr Andreas Loutsios, as well as lecturers from Frederick and European Universities.